Inreasing World’s Population a Problem needed to be solved.

World’s population is expected to increase continuously. And it is not matter of debate that is it a greatest problem faced by humanity cureently. It is clearly the greatest one of all the problem.

This greatest problem is not caused by the single cause, there are several factors leading timo it. First, lack of reach of education through out the world mor specifically, education regarding family planning. The education which gives clear concept about the use of contraceptive for birth control. This concept is still not accessible to most part of the world.

Also, the weird taboos, social practices which are still followed in many developing countries are leading to growth of population. Like, in Southeast Asia, preference to son is seen thoroughly, which adds new member to the world until son is born. In addition, concept of heir of family should be continued as by son, ploygamy is still vaguely can be found in the middle eastern region of Asia and some part of Africa. These all social taboos, rituals, believes causes comtinuous rise in world’s population.

Regarding the problem, we human have to face are numerous due to this. The problem of unemployment, poverty, social problem, crimes, conflict, these all are result of population growth. In otherwords, these are only zist of the problems. To conjugate, more people means, lots opinion, views and which means there are differences amongbthe people. This result into crime, conflict and to some extent wars we had seen in the history. Because of this world has lost its essence of brotherhood, peace, prosperity.

In short, it is not doubt that continuous rise in the world’s population is the greatest problem faced by humanity and people should should take this problem into serious account as it has demolished the beauty of the social world that used to be.

By learner,

Sanjay Shrestha Dumaru


In conversation….

In the dusk one quiet, Friday, my eyes struck to this switch hanging along the red painted wall of the unnamed building.  As I approached near the switch, thoughts sprung to my mind, started this conversation

(As I approached cold breeze of air passed through the shirt tucked with matching pant, slowly, with steps taken, the sound of shining oxford shoes touching the ground echoed in my mind aloud…)

Switch: I know I’m lucky that I’m so cute and adorable.

Me: No you aren’t. You look more as half egg where yolk is calling me to press it. Now, I’m going to rush your yolk and kill your cuteness.

Switch: Oh really! if you wanna crush it, then be my guest. Or, I will be your worst nightmare you filthy human. So, let it be. Let my yolk as it is.

I stopped ,took a  deep breath and clicked a photo from my cellphone and moved away from the wall. The wall of unnamed building with hanging switch.


By Learner,

Sanjay Shrestha Dumaru

IS It Good to Impose High Tax on FAST FOOD?

fast-foodImposing a higher tax on fast food is a debatable issue. Imposing tax over fast food will surely benefit the government but does it help to solve the health problem resulting from over consumption of such food? Sure, it does not. It acts as a another way of increasing countries wealth not mere of solving the problem.

Firstly, consuming too much fast food is not matter of its cheaper price, but it has rooted as a habit in our consumption. Also, it is not that cheaper as we assume it. Fast food are acting as a weird blind spell to human which makes them to consume more. Take this way, a burger house next to yours office, school, college or other premises offers fast and good food which fills up your hungry tummy. But, it is not healthy as seems, rather it is just a big chunk of carbohydrates and fats. Knowing to that, we consume it on regular basis. This is because people are finding hard to aside time from their busy workaholic schedule to opt for healthy food.

“Fast food are acting as a weird blind spell to human which makes them to consume more.”

Even though, government imposes a higher tax in fast food, it will not solve the problem of fast food. As, it has already taken the lifestyle of people. So, people will pay at any cost to have it. In other words, it has replaced the traditional healthy food. Rather than imposing higher taxes on fast food, government should bring policy to replace fast food by healthy food. For instance, launching police which binds cafeteria or any food service provider to include healthy food on their menu. Also, setting standards over the food industry to maintain the quality of fast food. The food industry and government should tie up to come up with ideas to make fast food healthy as they cannot completely ban. Like say, including organic ingredients in making fast food makes fast food healthier and also people will definitely opt for it as, it sounds healthy and its new in the market.

In conclusion, imposing a higher tax over fast food is not problem solver regarding health issue rather government should impose sets of standard rules and policies to monitor the fast food industry for quality food and services to the consumer.



Sanjay Shrestha Dumaru